Antenna 1

The center can receive data from remote satellites broadcasting X band in an area of ​​3000 km radius (from Sweden in the north to Sudan in the west, from England in the west to Kazakhstan in the east) with its 2 remote sensing antennas.

  • Although satellite designing and launching are very challenging tasks, the success of a ground observation satellite mission; Operation / operation of the satellite from the ground depends on the quality of the data received from the satellite and the preparation of this data for the users.
  • In order to achieve this, there is a need for satellite ground stations that can send commands to the satellite and directly download / downlink data as it passes through the communication cone, an antenna and the necessary infrastructure.
  • Data processing, backup and distribution are also required.
    The quality of the data and the performance of the sensors on the satellite must be constantly monitored.
  • Calibration processes should be done quickly when necessary.
  • These functions are performed by the satellite ground segment / stations.

Antenna 2